Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Putting a little bit of adventure into styling our homes.

Sometimes we need to add a little bit of adventure into styling our homes.  I have chosen a couple of pieces from some of my favourite designers. They're a treat and something to be had when sky's the limit!

Probably seen these around but I'm posting it here again
for those who haven't noticed them yet.
They are called Bright Woods by Giancarlo Zema
These stools are made of wood and resin powered by LED lights.

Bright Woods unlit
and more to see on this link Contemporist

Voyage Daybed handwoven polyethylene on steel frame
another version made out of handwoven buri (palm leaf spines also known as abaca) 
An innovative desinger from Cebu, Philippines

La Luna chair made of rattan woven into two patterns. Comes in ash or brown.
by Kenneth Cobonpue